Pokemon Adventures

I overdosed myself on epicness last night.

I was listening to Pirates of the Caribbean last night before falling asleep, and thinking about how it could go with battles my Pokemon Nuzlocke comic. And when I did fall asleep, this is the dream that occurred.

Pokemon existed in the real world, or maybe I was in Unova. One or the other. Anyway, at this one big house, there was a Sandile that lived by the front door. It looked just like a real animal. There were some other Pokemon (I think they were Lillipup and Woobat, but I don’t exactly remember) that the Sandile often played with.

Sometime that day, my friend and I were visiting the house. We walked outside just in time to see a bald guy grab two of the Pokemon and run. My friend and I, and the Sandile, chased after him.

As we began to get closer, I looked at the Sandile and asked, “Those Pokemon are your friends, aren’t they? Will you miss them?”

The Sandile nodded, and looked so sad that I picked him up like a kitten and carried the rest of the way. He felt like a big lizard.

We caught up to the thief in front of a little house nearly obscured by trees in the yard, in the middle of this nondescript little neighborhood. He stuffed the Pokemon in a big box and threw it into his sky blue van. I set the Sandile down and sprinted for the van. He started up the engine, but I grabbed the door handle and wrenched it open. He tried to get away by zooming out of the driveway, but I vaulted into the passenger seat.

The thief didn’t seem to care that I was there or that the door was open. He pulled out of the driveway and accelerated rapidly. I screamed at him to stop the van, but he refused. So I leaned over and began beating him up. I had to get those Pokemon back at any cost.

In the dream,  my logic was surprisingly unimpaired. I thought, If I can knock him out, I can take control of the van. But I’ll have to be careful, otherwise he might stomp on the gas when he gets knocked out. I remembered in the dream reading something that I read in real life, which talked about when people have seizures while driving. It said that their foot might hit the gas during a seizure, leading to a wreck.

Since I was in an awkward position to back-knuckle his temple, I settled for dragonhead fists. In real life, I probably would have killed the guy. Since it was just a dream, it took quite a few violent strikes to do anything. He got knocked out for a few seconds, but the rest of the time, he tried to fight me off while dodging the shopping carts that were magically appearing in the road. The last thing I remember from the dream was repeatedly punching him in the face and wondering if he was trying to kidnap me.


Maxwell of Scribblenauts

For those who do not know what Scribblenauts is, I have a lovely link. Also, here is another one for the new sequel, Super Scribblenauts. The games are all fun and good, but making clay figures of Maxwell comes as a close second.
I have moved on from dragons. Though I still do them often, I have become quite good at making half-inch people. Which are in no way related to this Maxwell. Which we will discuss later.