Stepping Beyond

I’ve done some art lately. I’m not going to post all of it, because some of the digital pieces have special high resolutions. probably the easiest thing to do is link you to my dA gallery. There you can browse my things at your leisure.

But the thing I want to share most is my Cyborg Dragon. It is the largest polymer clay thing I have created, and the most complex. Yes, the Zirra figure was detailed. Yes, the badger was the most detailed/lifelike sculpture yet. But this uses elements aside from clay to create a statuette of mixed media. Actually, I believe that this dragon is the best yet. I may do following dragons in this style.

Clay things aside, my coolest digital painting, entitled “Magnetic Eruption,” is also in my gallery. It’s different from my usual subjects.


Progression Comparisons

I would like to show you how I’ve progressed in my clay-dragoning. The Zirra sculpture has recently gone to live with Seeraphine, so I took some pictures of her with the old gang before she went.

DSC03189¬†Isn’t she huge? You may not recognize some of these, for I never posted Frost, Tallic, Patrick, Arthur, or Gwen. Bonus points if you can guess which ones those are ūüôā I no longer make dragons in this style, though.

DSC03188 Here she is with the nativity. The nativity dragons are about the size I make dragons now, smaller than the originals and of slightly different style.

UPDATE: I am tired of flickr only letting me post the little tiny thumbnails. Here are the links to the full-size pictures.



Stydja, Argetlam

So about… two and a half weeks ago? It was May 1st when I found out. My best friend took his life. It made a whole lot of people really miserable, but now a lot of my friends are very close now.

I did some art for him, in memory. The first picture is a tiger sketch with his name above it in Anglo-Saxon runes. (The link just takes you to the picture on my deviantArt.) In biology, he sat next to me sometimes when the teacher wasn’t looking, and asked me to draw stuff. Usually I’d draw him dragons in exchange for pop can tabs. But he really loved tigers, so he asked me to draw one once. I’m really not that great at cats in general, so I tried to use a reference from my biology textbook. However, I screwed up the picture. I gave it to him anyway and promised to draw a better tiger later. I didn’t get around to it until‚Ķ afterwards.

The second is a drawing of him as a Dragon Rider. In the book¬†Eragon,¬†by Christopher Paolini, Dragon Riders were the most honored and respected people ever to live. After drawing this, I emailed it to my friend with the Wacom tablet and she colored it. Then we entered it in our school’s Sci Fi art contest. And we won first place and got brownies. By the way, the title of it,¬†Stydja, Argetlam,¬†translates from theEragon¬†ancient language to “Rest, Silverhand (dragon rider).”

Yep. That’s my art shpeel. If you have comments on the artwork, you should leave them on the dA page, because hardly anybody commented there :). Thanks.


I need the opinions of my reader(s). (I don’t actually know how many of you guys are out there.) Even if you’re not a regular reader and happened to stumble across my blog today, I still encourage you to respond to this. Here is my problem:

About ten months ago I joined a website called deviantArt. Many of you may be familiar with it. A person I’m watching on dA is having a contest to draw their dragon, Zirra, fighting another random character. I picked Carkos. You remember him.

My drawing didn’t turn out so hot. So I made the battle with clay. Deadline for the contest is May 1st.

Now my question is: Should I enter the pic now, or wait until just before the deadline so no one else can steal my idea to make models? While you think about it, here are some WIP pics.


Zirra armature.


Helpful clone holding up the Zirra-in-progress.




More in-progress.


The pic I’ll probably use, baked and shiny. Zirra left, Carkos right. These guys are BEHEMOTHS compared to my old dragons. They’re like three or four inches tall. Huge.

So what do you think? Enter now, or wait until May? AND NOBODY WHO IS ENTERING THE CONTEST WHO HAPPENS TO READ THIS DO NOT STEAL THIS IDEA ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©mine.

©Zirra belongs to Seeraphine, NOT me. Do not steal. Seriously. I will hunt you down and pelt you with moldy cheese.

I would like it known that Carkos belongs to me. Don’t steal him either. Moldy cheese applies here also.

Dragon Nativity

Seasons Greetings from Lurri Pidragon!! I’d say “Merry Christmas,” but that’s over, and “Happy New Apocalypse Year” is a little early. What? You didn’t know the world is going to end in 2012?¬†Anyhoo, last year I was struck with an Inspiration. So I put my claying skills to the task of fulfilling that Inspiration. And the turnout is a Dragon Nativity Scene. I’m not kidding. Here, I have pictures:


Dang. I wanted to put up the big ones, but stupid flickr won’t let me. That website baffles me sometimes. So, yes! This is the dragon nativity! I meant to make an angel addition this year, but ran out of time. But I have a vision of a white dragon with huge, feathery wings!


Here are the shepherd dragons. Since they are dragons, the sheep have to be small.

Wise Men

The wise men dragons, or the three kings. I made them Eastern dragons because the songs sings about “Three Kings of Orient” and they always come from the east. I’ve never made oriental dragons before; these were kind of fun.

Mary and Joseph

And finally, the Mary and Joseph dragons. And the baby Jesus egg. It has a halo. And Mary and Joseph are wyverns because 1) I felt lazy and didn’t want to make any more legs, and 2) I wanted all the dragons to be different.

So that is my dragon nativity scene! And I made it out of clay! In fact, I believe this is the only dragon nativity in existence. Consider yourselves lucky that I allowed you to see it!



Clay Sea Monsters

UPDATE: This post has been getting extra traffic lately. May I ask that if you end up using this tutorial, that you link me to an image of your creation? I’d love to see how they turn out. ūüôā

Do y’all remember when I made some little dragons? I’d link to them, but currently, links are not showing up. So stupidness. You’ll have to go back and find it yourself. Well, quite some time ago, I took the concept and made sea monsters. And I made a tutorial, so the rest of the world can make sea monsters too! Here it is.
Step 1
First, get a tile, or countertop, or something flat to work on. The tile also doubles as a baking sheet for things, but pie tins work just as well.
Step 2
Next, get a ball of tin foil about this size.
Step 3
Get some polymer clay. Another color or blend of colors will do. It just depends on what you want your sea monster to look like. Flatten it out on your flat surface.
Step 4
Place the tin foil in the center of the clay.
Step 5
Pinch the clay around the tin foil, so it forms a lump in the middle. This is the body. Elongate the excess clay at the ends. These will be the head and tail.
Step 6
Form the head using steps 6-9 of the original dragon tutorial. I’d link to it, but, as mentioned above, links aren’t working. So I’ll just give you the url, and you can copy and paste it into your address bar: It should look kind of like a seahorse when you’re done.
Step 7
Form the tail by leaving a ball of clay on the end of the tail. Flatten it out and pinch it into two flukes.
Step 8
Take a pin or a pintool and poke a hole through the head, about where you think the eye should be.
Step 9
Oh, look. A horrible picture. This is actually a bead. The bead is blue gray, and is a long, thin cylinder. You can use any color.
Step 10
Put the bead horizontally through the hole you just made, so either end of the bead form the eyes.
Step 11
Take this much clay, preferably the same color as the rest of the sea monster.
Step 12
Flatten it out to form a flipper/fin. Attach it to the body where arms would be and blend it seamlessly to the rest of the sea monster.
Step 14
Repeat previous step, attach flipper on the other side of the body. Position the sea monster on the flat surface the way you want it to be when baked.
Step 15
OPTIONAL: Make little horns from clay that is a shade of brown or gray. Here, I used peach mixed with light tan. Attach the horns on either side of the head fin.
Step 16
Bake in your oven at 275¬ļF for 30 minutes. When the sea monster has cooled, you can paint it with clear fingernail polish, polyurethane, or this stuff. Be sure to dilute this stuff with water or, even better, polyurethane before painting.
The Finished Product
The finished product, all baked and shiny, sitting next to a penny for scale.
More Examples
More sea monsters, with sea shells. I made these before the tutorial. Sorry for the fuzziness of the picture.
Aaaand… more. The green one on the left is my very first one, and personally, I think he looks the best.

UPDATE II: There’s a better picture of him on my dA account.