Senioritis: Stage One

Let’s get all serious for a minute here.

This post isn’t a story. It’s not a dream I had or a random spazpost. It’s mainly a vent post. I have a sudden and serious need to rant about school. Look back: my first post was as a naive, 11-year-old sixth grader. Now I’m a 17-year-old senior in high school, and I’m ready to MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE ALREADY. Believe it or not.

Our school changed schedules for the fourth time in four years – the idiot school board can’t settle on anything that’s remotely good for the students – and they have settled for a seven period day, as opposed to the old eight period block schedule. Which means we lost an elective. Plus, we don’t have school on Fridays (haven’t since I started high school) which further detracts from our education. This year’s schedule seriously messed up my elective plans. Since they cut or moved most of the classes I was going to take this semester, I ended up with a bunch of empty slots. 😛 (<– THAT FACE SHOULD NOT BE SMILING. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE DISGUSTED. *excessive drama*) Don’t worry, I found some online classes.

To get to the point: because of the schedule change, I considered dropping symphony to create more freedom in my schedule, since symphony is only offered 5th hour. But my violin teacher, who is also the symphony teacher, freaked out on me when I told her over the summer. To appease her, I said I’d try my best. Lo and behold, there were so many classes I couldn’t take once school rolled around that I wound up in the class. Jill –  the conductor – was appeased.

This year brought some changes to my life, though: I got a real job. I mean, I’ve spent the last few summers as my grandma’s housekeeper (8 bucks an hour; not bad, eh?) and I’ve been a private violin teacher since my sophomore year (now have 7 students, 6 of which come reliably). But those aren’t “real” jobs. I now am officially employed as a Dietary Aide at the hospital kitchen in my little tiny town. I get a “real” paycheck every other Thursday with “real” tax deductions, and I get to eat whatever I want.

ANYWAY. Between teaching violin Friday mornings, working at the hospital sporadically (it’s seriously just random days they assign me), and kenpo class Wednesday nights for my senior project, I figured I’d have a fairly busy year. And I though, “Hey. Life’s good right now. How about let’s not do Pit this year and spare ourselves all that grief and stress?” After all, I’d already appeased Jill by joining symphony. I even continued to take private lessons from her, instead of switching to the better guy in a different town not far from here.

Jill announced pit orchestra auditions for this year’s musical, “Shrek.” I was happily not going to even bother with them and told Jill so, until she freaked again. I had to join pit, there was no one else senior enough to lead the violins, etc., etc. I explained that because she had placed major rehearsals so inconveniently on Friday mornings from 8-10 when the majority of my students come for lessons, and because I wanted to make a good impression at my “real” job, it would be too difficult to join Pit as well. But she pleaded and prodded and argued so much that I finally said, “Fine. I’ll try out. BUT. We’ll see what happens then. Don’t take me for granted. I don’t want to move my students (they don’t want to be moved anyway) and I CANNOT take time of work. Got it?”

Oh yes, she got it.

I tried out, one of three violins who did. Naturally, she put all of us in.

I simply did not go to the first few Friday practices. I showed up at the band building at 8:00 am sharp, smiled at the other groggy pit members, then shut myself in a practice room with my students while the pit rehearsed. Jill gave me the evil eye each time. So I finally called my morning students and asked if they could move to a later time. As I predicted, most of them could not. So I went to half an hour of rehearsal last week, explained the situation to Jill, and taught students the rest of the time. I can’t leave the pit either now, because Jill claims that my freshman stand partner, the other first violinist, can’t hack it on her own. She’s a good player, she’s just a little shy and timid on her own. News flash: I WAS EXACTLY THE SAME WAY WHEN I WAS A FRESHMAN.

Which brings us to the next item: my sudden Senioritis.

The freshman practices. I, surprisingly, do not. I admit it. I haven’t truly practiced in weeks. (Jill wants me to try out for Allstate in just a few weeks. Ha. Doesn’t look like THAT’S going to happen. Like I’d have time for it anyway.) I feel pretty bad about it, actually. I want to play. I’m learning Praeludium and Allegro for District Solos and Bennett Cup this year, and I love that song and am super excited, only it’s really hard and I haven’t practiced. Also I promised a friend I would learn SenbonZakura on the violin, including the screaming high fast part, and play it for him this year, and I haven’t practiced that either. I have a great violin, and I can play, I’m just not motivated to.

That’s my Senioritis. I’m not going into music in college; I’m going to study graphic design. Currently, I see everything that doesn’t: a) earn money for me, b) increase my knowledge of and skills in graphic design and art, c) make me stronger, physically and otherwise, d) bring me scholarship opportunities, and e) One Piece, a complete waste of time. Unfortunately, practicing daily has not fallen under one of those categories. School, kenpo, work, teaching lessons, and pleasure art all do. If I have time left over, I watch One Piece. That hasn’t happened in awhile. 😦

So I want to drop symphony at the semester. I’m not playing Pomp and Circumstance at graduation anyway, I’ll be busy graduating. The only thing I’d really be sad to miss is the end of the year concert. Drop symphony and have another free period to do what I want. It’s really really tempting right now. Especially since the class is mainly freshmen who don’t actually care and we sound terrible. We’re playing a lot of songs from years past, mainly my freshman and sophomore years. We sounded great then and I loved symphony. Now it’s just painful to even go because we sound so awful playing those songs that only a year or two ago sounded amazing.

Sorry for the rant. It won’t happen again. This is just a sample of the things about our moron school that frustrate me.


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