Stepping Beyond

I’ve done some art lately. I’m not going to post all of it, because some of the digital pieces have special high resolutions. probably the easiest thing to do is link you to my dA gallery. There you can browse my things at your leisure.

But the thing I want to share most is my Cyborg Dragon. It is the largest polymer clay thing I have created, and the most complex. Yes, the Zirra figure was detailed. Yes, the badger was the most detailed/lifelike sculpture yet. But this uses elements aside from clay to create a statuette of mixed media. Actually, I believe that this dragon is the best yet. I may do following dragons in this style.

Clay things aside, my coolest digital painting, entitled “Magnetic Eruption,” is also in my gallery. It’s different from my usual subjects.


One thought on “Stepping Beyond

  1. Thanks for the link to your dA gallery. You are a very good artist. Your Cyborg Dragon is way awesome! I hope to see it in person next time I visit.

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