How to Make Something Awesome in 10 Easy Steps

Step 1: Buy an “Avengers: Fan with Candy“. Be sure to get the Thor one.

Step 2: Buy a Majestic Fish-Tailed Stallion. These come in packages of cheapo farm animals for about a dollar.


Step 3: Remove the Thor torso from the fan.


Step 4: Heat a paring knife over the stove. Hack off the horse’s head.

DSC03293 Don’t worry. The head was demented anyway. (See?)

Step 5: Glue the Thor torso onto the horse body.


Step 6: Get some scrap polymer clay of any color. Form some simple plate mail pieces and mold them to the horse’s body. Be very careful not to mash them. Bake at 275˚ F for 10 minutes.


Step 7: Before the clay pieces cool and are still quite flexible, hot glue them to the horse. (Sorry, no pictures for a bit.)

Step 8: Get some craft paint. First paint the horse body to match Thor’s luscious hair (palomino). Be sure to repaint the tail to match.

Step 9: Paint the armor pieces gray and add designs so they more-or-less match the Thor torso’s armor.

Step 10: Enjoy your Thor-i-taur.



2 thoughts on “How to Make Something Awesome in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Pfff.

    That was probably the funniest thing that I’ve seen all week. And I know some pretty hilarious people.

    (And I’m internet stalking you. Because I do that. But not in a creepy way. And at least I’m telling you about it. And… I’d tell you to practice, but you already do that. It shows. ^_^)

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