Urstinatta Badger

There’s a book. It’s The Fiddle of Fire: Book 1. My friend wrote it, before he was my friend. ANYHOO. I’ve semi-recently joined a martial arts class taught by said author. As thanks for allowing me into the class and also as a Merry Christmas thing, I made one of his characters out of clay. The character is Urstinatta Badger. And just because I want to, I will explain the whole process of creating this figure.

First I made a tinfoil badger. I then covered it in white clay, added claws of gray clay, and eyes and nose of black. Using a pintool, I drew in small details like toes, nostrils, and whiskers. Then I formed small ears out of semicircles. Finally I attacked the whole thing with a wire brush for a fur effect. I took a thin, straight stick that had broken off a basket years ago and formed his left paw around it for a staff. I also decided he needed an apple – just because Urstinatta loves apples – so I covered a bead in a mix of two shades of red clay, added a little yellow around the top, and stuck on the stem.

While he baked in my oven, I found some gold paint and gold glitter glue and decorated the staff. After he finished baking, and while the staff was drying, I painted Urstinatta with craft paint, using a mixture of white, black, and brown only. I learned to mix paints quite well, and added some of my pearlescent stuff to the light gray to make his back sparkle. 🙂 Then I glued the staff into his paw.

I then found some scraps of red fabric and used part of this pattern to create a small cloak. After forcing it over his head and determining how it would fall over his shoulders, I glued some folds into it. Turned out better than I hoped.

DSC03244 Front view without cloak.

DSC03245 Back view without cloak.

DSC03248 With cloak.

DSC03249 More with cloak.

DSC03251 Detail of head.

DSC03260 Detail of apple. Remember this is purely clay, not paint. I only painted it with clear nail polish.

DSC03252 More cloak.

DSC03254 And more.

DSC03255 Still more.

DSC03258 Back view of cloak.

Yep. Urstinatta Badger. P.S. Go buy the book and read it so you know who Urstinatta is.


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