Stydja, Argetlam

So about… two and a half weeks ago? It was May 1st when I found out. My best friend took his life. It made a whole lot of people really miserable, but now a lot of my friends are very close now.

I did some art for him, in memory. The first picture is a tiger sketch with his name above it in Anglo-Saxon runes. (The link just takes you to the picture on my deviantArt.) In biology, he sat next to me sometimes when the teacher wasn’t looking, and asked me to draw stuff. Usually I’d draw him dragons in exchange for pop can tabs. But he really loved tigers, so he asked me to draw one once. I’m really not that great at cats in general, so I tried to use a reference from my biology textbook. However, I screwed up the picture. I gave it to him anyway and promised to draw a better tiger later. I didn’t get around to it until… afterwards.

The second is a drawing of him as a Dragon Rider. In the book Eragon, by Christopher Paolini, Dragon Riders were the most honored and respected people ever to live. After drawing this, I emailed it to my friend with the Wacom tablet and she colored it. Then we entered it in our school’s Sci Fi art contest. And we won first place and got brownies. By the way, the title of it, Stydja, Argetlam, translates from theEragon ancient language to “Rest, Silverhand (dragon rider).”

Yep. That’s my art shpeel. If you have comments on the artwork, you should leave them on the dA page, because hardly anybody commented there :). Thanks.


One thought on “Stydja, Argetlam

  1. Your Dad told me about the picture you were working on in memory of your friend. I was hoping I would get to see it. Thanks for sharing.

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