I need the opinions of my reader(s). (I don’t actually know how many of you guys are out there.) Even if you’re not a regular reader and happened to stumble across my blog today, I still encourage you to respond to this. Here is my problem:

About ten months ago I joined a website called deviantArt. Many of you may be familiar with it. A person I’m watching on dA is having a contest to draw their dragon, Zirra, fighting another random character. I picked Carkos. You remember him.

My drawing didn’t turn out so hot. So I made the battle with clay. Deadline for the contest is May 1st.

Now my question is: Should I enter the pic now, or wait until just before the deadline so no one else can steal my idea to make models? While you think about it, here are some WIP pics.


Zirra armature.


Helpful clone holding up the Zirra-in-progress.




More in-progress.


The pic I’ll probably use, baked and shiny. Zirra left, Carkos right. These guys are BEHEMOTHS compared to my old dragons. They’re like three or four inches tall. Huge.

So what do you think? Enter now, or wait until May? AND NOBODY WHO IS ENTERING THE CONTEST WHO HAPPENS TO READ THIS DO NOT STEAL THIS IDEA ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©mine.

©Zirra belongs to Seeraphine, NOT me. Do not steal. Seriously. I will hunt you down and pelt you with moldy cheese.

I would like it known that Carkos belongs to me. Don’t steal him either. Moldy cheese applies here also.


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