Dragon Nativity

Seasons Greetings from Lurri Pidragon!! I’d say “Merry Christmas,” but that’s over, and “Happy New Apocalypse Year” is a little early. What? You didn’t know the world is going to end in 2012? Anyhoo, last year I was struck with an Inspiration. So I put my claying skills to the task of fulfilling that Inspiration. And the turnout is a Dragon Nativity Scene. I’m not kidding. Here, I have pictures:


Dang. I wanted to put up the big ones, but stupid flickr won’t let me. That website baffles me sometimes. So, yes! This is the dragon nativity! I meant to make an angel addition this year, but ran out of time. But I have a vision of a white dragon with huge, feathery wings!


Here are the shepherd dragons. Since they are dragons, the sheep have to be small.

Wise Men

The wise men dragons, or the three kings. I made them Eastern dragons because the songs sings about “Three Kings of Orient” and they always come from the east. I’ve never made oriental dragons before; these were kind of fun.

Mary and Joseph

And finally, the Mary and Joseph dragons. And the baby Jesus egg. It has a halo. And Mary and Joseph are wyverns because 1) I felt lazy and didn’t want to make any more legs, and 2) I wanted all the dragons to be different.

So that is my dragon nativity scene! And I made it out of clay! In fact, I believe this is the only dragon nativity in existence. Consider yourselves lucky that I allowed you to see it!




2 thoughts on “Dragon Nativity

  1. Next time we visit I’d like to see your dragon nativity in person. You are a person of many talents and a great imagination.

  2. …I’d like one. Or maybe five. I could pay you? Like, some dollars? Because those are my new favorite things in the world.

    I like you.

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