The Epic Fail

Remember the story I said I was going to write? For NaNoWriMo? Well, a problem happened. It turned out I had no motivation to write that particular story, nor did the plot have any depth. The best part was the ending, which I had all planned out from the beginning. It was going to be awesome, but I couldn’t write the end until I’d gotten there, catch my drift?

On November the 29th, I caved in, left the plot hanging, drew a line beneath my last paragraph, wrote a brief explanation for the skip, and wrote the ending. And it didn’t turn out as great as I’d planned, because I rushed it over the last two days and smushed it and condensed it and used a lot of passive verbs and summarized it and it lost its awesome. So because I have an incomplete sort-of novel that cuts off in the middle of a sentence and skips to the end without warning, I will not be posting it. Be happy. None of you would actually want to read it.

The good news is I will be posting another story soon. Very soon. Another Sci-Fi one. It is better than the NaNo. Expect it some time after Dec. 7th.


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