Don’t Write at Midnight When You’re Sleep Deprived

Seriously, don’t.

The following is an excerpt from a “short” mystery I am writing for my English class. I wrote it last night at midnight. And I was sleep deprived. (And yes, I’ll probably put up the whole thing when I finish it.)

{Midway through breakfast, Detrimus asked, “is there a map of the castle?”

“there are, printed int he information brochures,” Versis provided. “The’re ont hte table by the front door.”

Detrumus mumped up and ran to getone. He reutrned glaring at the map in puzzled frastaraton.

“This doesnt make any sense,” he complained.

“that’s because you’re holding upit opuside down” Lee obeserved.

Detrimus quickly filipped it arund. “Oh, therehs’ a dungewon.

“Inddeed,” confirmed Jefferson. “But we only ever open it in the fall. It’s lockedthe resto te ethe year.

“I se…” Detrimus mused. “well, if you’ll all excuse eme, “ iam going ot have a look around. He pocketed his ap and sared up the stairs.

Detrimus reache din to another of his cont pockets nd removed thecatllte ckes andnlunocked gumond’s door. He say at once hat soemthing was differne.t “hefferson!” he shouted.}


3 thoughts on “Don’t Write at Midnight When You’re Sleep Deprived

  1. Hmm, unlike sleep deprived painting, I think sleep deprived writing turns out too oniric for any kind of interpretation.. even language seems to slowly fade out. Interesting experiment though!

  2. i have written similar passages wide awake with my fingers on the wrong keys. looked much worse than that. however, I can see the words through the typos. I find im better in the morning but for the same reason of your lack of sleep. The distractions of the day have not penetrated my brain and my story is much clearer when real life is not intruding. Perhaps a little more sleep deprivation three days before the due date would serve you well. Spell check can find a lot of those mysterious words. If not, you probably know them, they came from you.

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