Clay Sea Monsters

UPDATE: This post has been getting extra traffic lately. May I ask that if you end up using this tutorial, that you link me to an image of your creation? I’d love to see how they turn out. 🙂

Do y’all remember when I made some little dragons? I’d link to them, but currently, links are not showing up. So stupidness. You’ll have to go back and find it yourself. Well, quite some time ago, I took the concept and made sea monsters. And I made a tutorial, so the rest of the world can make sea monsters too! Here it is.
Step 1
First, get a tile, or countertop, or something flat to work on. The tile also doubles as a baking sheet for things, but pie tins work just as well.
Step 2
Next, get a ball of tin foil about this size.
Step 3
Get some polymer clay. Another color or blend of colors will do. It just depends on what you want your sea monster to look like. Flatten it out on your flat surface.
Step 4
Place the tin foil in the center of the clay.
Step 5
Pinch the clay around the tin foil, so it forms a lump in the middle. This is the body. Elongate the excess clay at the ends. These will be the head and tail.
Step 6
Form the head using steps 6-9 of the original dragon tutorial. I’d link to it, but, as mentioned above, links aren’t working. So I’ll just give you the url, and you can copy and paste it into your address bar: It should look kind of like a seahorse when you’re done.
Step 7
Form the tail by leaving a ball of clay on the end of the tail. Flatten it out and pinch it into two flukes.
Step 8
Take a pin or a pintool and poke a hole through the head, about where you think the eye should be.
Step 9
Oh, look. A horrible picture. This is actually a bead. The bead is blue gray, and is a long, thin cylinder. You can use any color.
Step 10
Put the bead horizontally through the hole you just made, so either end of the bead form the eyes.
Step 11
Take this much clay, preferably the same color as the rest of the sea monster.
Step 12
Flatten it out to form a flipper/fin. Attach it to the body where arms would be and blend it seamlessly to the rest of the sea monster.
Step 14
Repeat previous step, attach flipper on the other side of the body. Position the sea monster on the flat surface the way you want it to be when baked.
Step 15
OPTIONAL: Make little horns from clay that is a shade of brown or gray. Here, I used peach mixed with light tan. Attach the horns on either side of the head fin.
Step 16
Bake in your oven at 275ºF for 30 minutes. When the sea monster has cooled, you can paint it with clear fingernail polish, polyurethane, or this stuff. Be sure to dilute this stuff with water or, even better, polyurethane before painting.
The Finished Product
The finished product, all baked and shiny, sitting next to a penny for scale.
More Examples
More sea monsters, with sea shells. I made these before the tutorial. Sorry for the fuzziness of the picture.
Aaaand… more. The green one on the left is my very first one, and personally, I think he looks the best.

UPDATE II: There’s a better picture of him on my dA account.


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