How a Rock Loved a Twig and Vice Versa

There once was a Rock
Who sat alone
Cold as ice
And white as bone.

Until a Twig
Fell from a tree
And that’s when their story
Began to be.

She landed, leaves up,
Only inches away
From the Rock who did nothing
But glower all day.

But when the Rock saw
Her green leaves bright
Her smooth brown bark-
Oh! What a sight!

The two did gaze
Across the loam
Free to love
Though not to roam.

The summer months grew old and chill
And then gave way to fall
But the odd pair’s unfailing love
Did not waver at all.

Fall to winter, winter to spring
Then summer, a year gone by
The Rock remained unchanged
Though the Twig was withered and dry.

Then came a day so very hot
That smoke rose above the trees
And the first small flames of an Inferno
Were carried by the breeze.

The Fire grew, a fearsome beast,
Devouring all in its path
Every tree and every dry leaf
Went to feed the Flames of Wrath.

The blaze swept over the entire grove
Until it at last burned out
Then a melancholy breeze picked up
And blew the ashes about.

The Rock was unharmed, just streaked with soot
That formed a broad black sash
But his beloved Twig, sadly
Was reduced to a small heap of ash.

The loss of the Twig, with a resounding CRACK!
Broke the Rock’s heart of stone
And so he rests beneath the tree
Doomed to wait alone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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