So, you people probably read the title and said, “What the freak!” Well, once this post is finished, you will not only know all there is to know about Uclai, you will probably be even more confused than before. On to the Uclai. I had this dream about them, see.

Well, the first part has nothing to do with Uclai. All I remember was our family taking a bunch of toddlers to the fun park, where we attempted to play video games with them. The video games got mad if one played them wrong, and malfunctioned and turned off. I remember one where you played as tin cans throwing rubber balls at each other. Miss, and the can got all mad and started knocking down the other players onscreen. Weird. Suddenly, I appeared in the car, driving down this busy road in the middle of a snowstorm. I looked up on the cliff, and saw an enormous animal, eighteen feet at least at the shoulder, walking towards a man.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s an Uclai,” my dad replied.

“I thought Uclai were native to that one mountain range near here.” (The mountain range actually had a name in the dream, but I forgot it.)

“They are, but that one belongs to a farmer. See, he’s herding cows.” I nodded, even thought there wasn’t a cow in sight. When we got home, I grabbed my camera in hopes of getting a shot of the Uclai. I ran out the back door, and almost tripped over a large mouse with a baby mouse. I made a grab for them, but they ran into a small hole in the dirt hill and were lost. My attention went back to the Uclai, but there were too many houses in the way to get a good picture, and more seemed to be appearing the more I moved… Dreams do that sometimes. It’s frustrating.

Then I appeared on the farm of the farmer who apparently owned the Uclai. The gravel driveway was covered in deep talon tracks, and a large stone was scored by claws. Some random people (who I apparently know) and I began following the tracks, when someone pointed up. In the sky, there was a huge black Pterodactyl, eating birds. Then…

I woke up. Sadness. So now that Uclai have been explained, here is a picture of one:

Now imagine it HUGE, and you get the picture.


6 thoughts on “Uclai

  1. SO. when you, like, REGISTER you can, like, tell about that, since it’s been, you know, almost, like, a month. of course, I can’t complain since it’s been who knows how long since I’ve done it.

  2. Excellent, excellent. I am quite satisfied with your recent transactions between you and a certain program. Wake up and smell the coffee, but don’t drink it because that’s bad for you.

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