I am a BAD GUY

In some people’s opinion, I am very much a bad guy for leaving you guys at the end of chapter one and not continuing with chapter two. I’m so sorry for this inconvenience, but it is necessary. The reason for this is because I plan an attempt at getting this freakin’ thing published. You know, not as a blog post, but as a real, genuine, hardcover BOOK. Yes. So. If I am SUCCESSFUL, then I would hate to have the whole book on the web just for anyone to read for free. That would not do at all. Because then no one would buy it. HOWEVER. If the thing actually were to be published, then this lonesome first chapter could be a sort of teaser. People read, like it, and go and buy it. So anyway, don’t hit me, but chapter one is all you will get for now.


3 thoughts on “I am a BAD GUY

  1. HA I READ IT ALL EXCEPT FOR THE LAST PART THAT YOU HADN”T WRITTEN YET! PS. *hitting you with a hard pillow* PPS. you have to apply by the 19th or else you won’t have a chance. PPPS. ce.byu.edu/yp

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