I am

happy, for many reasons: 1 The Sword of Terraxis is about ready to post, 2 I made some really cool lego things. If you have an account on lego.com, please be buddies with lurri.  3 I am taking Ceramics this year, and the last project of the second term is mythical creatures and I am making a dragon. My table partner whom we shall call Sarcasm is making a gryffon and I ended up making the head for him and showing him how to make feathers. 4, dragons are awesome. the end.

I would also like to warn you about upcoming posts. They might be strange.


2 thoughts on “I am

  1. haha okay i will do as much as i can. and why did the sword of terraxis become demitri? and no, it is completely new and awesome. i will teach it to you when i see you next.

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