Coincidence Shade Runs a Long Time

Okay, you are probably wondering what the heck a coincidence shade is. The Answer is: Coincidence Shade is not a what, he’s a him. I had this really wacko dream last night and I am going to tell you the whole thing without editing. In “I died but not really, there was a whole ton of editing. Yes, so on to Coincidence Shade. (By the way, that really is his name.)

Coincidence shade was patrolling the edge of the canyon, looking for Raddas (the bad guys), when ten of so soldiers in uniform suddenly went charging past, straight off the edge of the canyon. Coincidence Shade was just about to follow them when another soldier ran up and shouted, “That is not advisable, Commander Shade! It is nearly three miles to the bottom! And there is a lake!” Then he jumped himself. Coincidence Shade’s curiosity was getting the best of him, so he jumped. About halfway down, he started falling headfirst, and got himself into a spot of bother behind a large chunk of stone. Just when he was least expecting it, the stone moved, making a crack just wide enough for Coincidence Shade to slip through and start falling head first.


At the very bottom, the two soldiers that had not jumped into their hoverspeeders and zoomed away were waiting, one on each side of a puddle that was no more that three feet across. This was the lake, because it was extraordinarily deep for a puddle. One of them spotted Coincidence Shade falling. “He followed. I knew he would,” he said. Both men got ready to fish Coincidence Shade out of the very deep puddle. It appeared he was about to make a perfect dive. But a sudden gust of wind knocked him off course and he crashed head first onto the hard rock instead. Shrugging, the two men jumped on their hoverspeeders and sped away.

This next part has a name, surprisingly. It is called “Coincidence Shade wakes up.”

Coincidence Shade woke up with a very bad headache. Standing near him was a Radda, dressed in black. “Oh, look at this. Coincidence Shade,” the Radda said. “If I were in a good mood, I would leave you there. But..” He trailed off. Coincidence Shade took a wild guess. “You’re in a bad mood?” The Radda nodded. “An extremely bad mood.” So Coincidence Shade jumped up and started to run. Everyone knows that when a Radda is  in a bad mood, it is not a good idea to stick around. But the Radda followed Coincidence Shade, and Raddas never get tired. Coincidence Shade did get tired, but the Radda was too close for comfort, so he ran on. Eventually, they left the canyon on a down escalator and continued the sprint all the way back to the good guy base. However, once Coincidence Shade and the Radda entered the boundaries, the Radda disappeared. A man nearby explained, “Anti-Radda Shield. Just finished installing it.”

So, that is the first adventure, without editing, of Coincidence Shade. There were still a lot more, and this was all in one night! In one dream! So wait for the next Coincidence Shade. It is called Coincidence Shade and the Chopping Machine.


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