Aaarrrggghhh! I can’t take it any more! The Hamilton Collection is soooooo slow! :p And I can’t post not clay dragons until the package comes! And I can’t really start Dragondale until I get an account on YouTube! I can tell a little about Dragondale. Dragondale is a town in the realm of King Kragen. The realm is the whole thing of Dale Valley. All the towns in Dale Valley have the word “dale” in them. Veggiedale is a farming town, where almost everyone grows and sells vegetables. This is where everybody in the kingdom gets their veggies. Fruitdale grows fruit, Meatdale raises livestock, and Golddale is the most important dale of all. Golddale is a mining town, supplying gold and silver for the King, mostly to be made into coins. Be creative and think up some more dales. The strangest dale of all is Dragondale, named for the legend of the local dragon. No one knows for sure, though. Dragondale doesn’t do anything in particular, but it is a very good place to go if you want to meet interesting people. Elves live in the forest near Dragondale, and they come into town occasionally. Dragondale gets a lot of tourists. King Kragen never paid a lot of attention to Dragondale, until something happened to change that. Sorry, that’s all I can tell you. The videos will explain a lot, but if the package comes first, I’ll jump into not clay dragons.


8 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Nuh-uh, I have been reading THE FIRE ETERNAL. AND DAVID IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT DEAD. And i get everything about the story. i just didnt get that dragondale stuff for a little bit. of course i am still coming~! i was just at lake powell for the week, sorry. Two Days!! two stinking days till i get to come up to gma’s!!!!! and your new header is awesome, by the way. New dales, lets see… well, you could put like SmithDale, you know, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, silversmiths, etcetera. as for king kragen, i seem to recall you saying something about him being evil? but anyway, you could put him in CastleDale. and of course you have to take into account shipping and handling, which goes hand in hand with trading and selling. how about MarketDale? if you need more, just holler.

  2. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow!You’re only a day a waaaaaaaay… OH MY GOSH FREAKING TOMORROW I AM FREAKING COMING FREAKING UP TO FREAKING GRANDMA’S FREAKING HOUSE!!!!! although when you read this it will brobably be today.

  3. by the way, is it okay if i write or start to write a sequel? cuz i was writing a story and it just kind of turned out to go hand in hand with yours…you know

  4. when are ya gonna tell about Spencer getting blown up by a firework?

    *I have a match! I’m going to light the bottle rocket!* Pow

  5. Hi, this is your cousin Tawny! I just happened to find your book from reading your mom’s blog. HOLY CROW!!! I can’t believe it, seriously! I had no idea that you could write, let alone so extraordinarily good like this! I’m not kidding, I’ve been blown away by your book. I love it. I didn’t stop reading the moment I started. You’re so talented and smart. I am going to help you spread the word. I’ll tell my friends and family to read your book too. I would love to see one of your genius ideas to get published, so I’ll do what I can to support. I’ll start by SPREADING THE WORD. Good job, I really did love it 😉

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