Well, how did you like it? I seriously want to know! Comment, PLEASE, and tell me! After another go-round of editing, this one may be ready for hardcover. Still, if it isn’t good enough, I’ll give up on Book 2, Outrunning the Demon, and move on to my newest brainy idea, Ants. It is supposed to be filled with adventure. Yes, well, I’ve noticed that NOBODY EVEN READS THIS BLOG! Hardly anybody reads this blog anymore:( Yeah. Anyway, who likes YouTube? Mother does. Too much. She is going nuts waiting for the last Twilight book to come out, so she spends hours at a time listening to Muse on YouTube, since that is what Stephanie Meyer listened to while writing. The other day, I confronted her about it. “Mom, why are you listening to this horrible song?” “That is what I’m supposed to be telling you not to do.” Ha ha. I just decided that I would give you a little warning before I launch into a whole new series of posts, and these will be very cool. But since you all are now sick and tired of dragons, I’ll give you just a few more. Not now, though, another time. Please keep coming back. Please. I need you guys.


5 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. oh, come on! I come every day!!! and i get the story, i just dont get dragondale or whatev. and i am going nuts waiting for the book and the movie! your story was way good, by the way. when i come up in 2 weeks i will edit it for you if you like.

  2. Neither is Ingavar!!!!!!! But K, so aaron came home and gave the phone back to me, and I SAW THE PICTURE! so yeah, i get it now. Gwillanna isnt dead! bergstom isnt dead! Arthur isnt dead! no one died!!!

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