chapter 22

The next day, Janna woke to a red sunrise, so red it looked as if the sky was burning. Janna would always remember that day, for it was the worst day of her life. The dragons were leaving, all of them except one hatchling, five feet long, named Firescales. He was leaving his sister. The red dawn happened every fifteen years, and it was the only way for the dragons to get back to their own lands from which the Golden Knights had driven them. They only had to fly east, over the mountains, and they would be home. “Remember how I said Gelden was a temporary leader of the dragons?” Emerald explained when Janna asked why they were leaving. “Dragons aren’t meant to live together. We have to go. Maybe we will see you again.” Janna missed them before they had even gone. “I wish you could come,” Carkos murmured. Janna nodded. And then they were gone, flying away into the rising sun, and taking her life with them.

* * *

Janna stayed for eight more years, and in that time, she married Spencer. When she was twenty-one, they moved back to the normal life. But Janna always kept a locked trunk in the basement, and in that trunk was her armor. She never told a single person that she was the girl that disappeared nearly ten years ago. No one at all.


2 thoughts on “chapter 22

  1. I am finally finishing the story — I love it! I love the surprise that the yellow eyes can call the spirit dragons. That is cool. You should get this made into a movie!!

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