chapter 21

When Carkos and Janna flew over the battlefield, Carkos let out a roar that shook the ground. Most people looked up, especially the Golden Knights. For just a few seconds, all the fighting stopped. An in those few seconds, there was another sound that shook the earth, a loud CRACK! The ragged army of soldiers stumbled away from the Golden Knights in a hurry, and a good thing they did. A huge crack appeared in the ground, along with a violent earthquake. The chasm widened, and before the Golden Knight knew what was happening, they all tumbled down the bottomless pit. Janna could see dragons of rock spreading thier stone wings and clinging to the side of the chasm. All Knights fell except Semmerspar, who was sitting on Celeskor. The huge dragon had managed to leap out of the way, but his wing had been torn to ribbons. Janna noticed this when Carkos, and she hurriedly pointed it out to Carkos. Celeskor stood near them, looking very ominous. “This isn’t the end!” Semmerspar screamed. “I will kill Carkos and you too! Then I will return with a bigger army and crush all dragons!” Janna stared at him without expression. “No,” she said, “I really don’t think you will.” Semmerspar looked very angry. “Get them!” he bellowed at Celeskor. Although Carkos was less than a fourth the sixe of Celeskor, he was more agile. Celeskor lunged, Carkos dodged and SNAP! A black tail cracked like a whip, curling around Celeskor’s outstretched foreleg. The spikes on the arrowhead acted like barbs, hooking into the muddy green scales. Carkos jerked his tail away, sending Celeskor off balance. Then Carkos jumped forward and slammed into Celeskor with all his might. Janna hung on for dear life, but she looked in time to see Celeskor, and Semmerspar, falling forever. The stone dragons watched them fall, then jumped down after them. Carkos leaned over the pit, watching them go, then the sun broke through the clouds and the battle field didn’t look like a battle field any more. Carkos and Janna disappeared under a wave of joyful dragons and soldiers. When they resurfaced, the people tossed the golden bodies down the pit, buried the dead soldiers, and burned the dead dragons. And Janna was happy. She stayed decided to stay for at least ten more years. After all, she thought, all that is waiting for me at home is a normal, boring life.


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