chapter 20

Gelden flew in the lead in the dark, cloudy sky. He landed in the middle of the Golden Knights, scattering them. Forty-five feet of red and gold scales with fire on one end, a huge arrowhead on the other, and lots of claws in between is something to be afraid of. Sixty-eight more dragons were right behind him. Janna jumped off Devil and ran to Carkos. She climbed up on his back and was just about to charge out and kick some golden butt when she saw Celeskor. The muddy green-black dragon was familiar to nearly every other dragon. Semmerspar had forsaken his horse and was seated in between Celeskor’s wings. Then several people (and dragons) screamed at once. “It’s Celeskor!” Flaer screamed. “Why are you just standing there, you fools!”Kragnar screamed. “Look! Carkos!” Trexxon screamed, but it was his scream that the Golden Knights paid attention to. They had been trying to kill Carkos for a very long time, now was their chance. That was when the fight got really bad. Celeskor was fighting Jalure, Flammorax, Sparticus, Lazura, Erthar, and Pire all at once. Celeskor was very strong. Janna slipped off Carkos after killing three Golden Knights and ran to their aid. However, on the way she saw Trexxon strike Emerald’s foreleg so hard that it did much more that crack the scales. This made Janna really mad. She was going to make sure Trexxon Fowell died this time, and wasn’t a miraculous surviver. But Janna found that she wasn’t the only female fighter. Trexxon’s wife, Laurel, was there too. Janna was just about to start fighting both of them when Flammorax showed up, breathing fire. “My sister!” Trexxon howled. “So you two weren’t married after all,” Janna commented, then beheaded him. The Golden Knights were still winning, though. Then Carkos came to Janna and murmured, “Get on. I have to do something.” Janna obeyed and Carkos took off, flying away from the war and the Golden Knights. They flew over the river, only something was different. There were yellow-eyed dragons made of water standing in the river, watching Carkos. “What are those?” Janna asked. “Spirits,” Carkos replied. “Gelden taught me.” The rest of their flight was silent. Then Carkos started his descent. Below them was a large fissure, a crack in the earth that seemed to go down forever. Instead of landing, Carkos continued straight down the fissure. For what seemed like forever, they glided down until they reached the bottom. The sky was only just visible from that depth. “Spirits of the earth, we need your help,” Carkos called into the darkness. Janna slid off his back to stand beside him. Carkos continued,”There is a war. It has been a long time since you have fed. Open a chasm on the battlefield and the Golden Knights will fall through.” A long silence followed. Then a deep voice rumbled out of the darkness,”You are the yellow-eyed dragon. We will do what you say.” Janna clambered back onto Carkos and he took off. “Only a dragon with yellow eyes can speak with spirits,” Carkos said. Janna thought of the prophecy as they made the trip back. Carkos would defeat the Golden Knights, just not alone. The prophecy said “yellow-eyed dragon.” The spirits eyes were yellow, too.


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