chapter 19

On that morning, Janna woke just before sunrise. She peered out her window and was alarmed to see one of the six sentries posted on the other side of the hill running towards the village. Men were already dashing out of houses to meet the sentry. Janna jammed her helmet on and ducked through the doorway. The sentry was gasping for breath, but he managed to say,”They…are…coming.” And the sun rose, but didn’t shine for long. Dark, bruised clouds swirled over the sun, as if a thunderstorm was coming. But the brief flash of sun sparkled off the Golden armor of the Golden Knights coming over the hill. Not a single soldier was in sight, though, for as soon as the sentry got his message out, every man was hidden behind the houses. The archers took aim and steadied their bows, waiting for the signal. Janna looked to her left and saw Spencer crouched beside her, sword drawn and ready. Over with the Golden Knights, Semmerspar sat on his horse surveying the seemingly empty village before him. Maybe everybody had run for it. Then they would have to give chase. The idea was not pleasing. Semmerspar had been imagining an epic battle and glorious victory. That would be very hard to accomplish if there was no one to fight. “You said there’d be dragons!” Sparter called. “There are supposed to be dragons,” Kragnar growled. Sparter scowled. “Then what do we-“ Svit! Sparter found himself on the ground as his horse screamed and and reared. An arrow was planted in the dirt directly in front of it. Svitsvitsvitsvitsvitsvitsvitsvit! Some of the Knights howled and tumbled off their horses. Semmerspar cursed and shouted,”They’re still here! Get them!” Wild shouts came from the Knights as they charged down the hill. There was no use in hiding anymore, so Janna jumped up and blew up the ground under one section of Golden Knights. Sparter recognized her and charged, swinging his sword. Janna sidestepped the assault and let the horse’s momentum hurt itself by sticking out her sword. Sparter and the horse toppled to the ground. Janna at once saw the problem. The Golden Knights had horses, the soldiers did not. Janna planned to change that. She slipped unnoticed through the fight until she found a familiar Knight who was striking down too many soldiers from his huge, black horse. Janna picked up a rock and threw it at Trexxon’s head, using magic to perfect the shot.  With a clang, Janna’s rock hit Trexxon’s helmet so hard, he tumbled sideways off the saddle. Before he could get back on, Janna jumped forward and swung up in the saddle. She had never ridden a horse before, but she had watched enough Knights ride to not fall off. On Devil’s back, Janna could reach the other Knights much better. No Golden Knight stood before her and lived. There were plenty of horses for the soldiers after a little while. But even on horseback, victory over all these Knights seemed impossible. Just when it seemed the dragons would never show up, they did. But one was very unexpected.


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