chapter 18

Janna had never seen the people so active, but for a good reason. War was sure to come from the watery attack on the Castle. The rocks were a very convenient place to hide, so they were soon filled people who were not soldiers. Janna could use a sword, thanks to Spencer. He had trained her for only three months before Janna was better than him. The men brought out their secret stores of armor and weapons. Janna thought the helmets were most interesting. They looked like gladiator helmets, only with spikes across the top instead of feathers. Janna hunted through the pile and found a few more things almost her size. There was a pair of thick, leather pants, a chain mail shirt, (the sleeves came down to her elbows), copper bands for her wrists, and heavy boots (she had to roll down the tops). There was also a small, round shield and a short sword. Janna watched the dragons fly to the rocks to wait for the moment. There was nothing to do except watch the archers practice. Four days were spent in unease. Then, on the dawning of the fifth day, they came.

(Sorry it is short, just trying to be suspenseful.)


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