chapter 16

Just if you want to know, my b-day #12 was on the 18 of June. Please comment to congratulate me.

“What have you done!” a voice hissed in her ear. Janna turned and saw Emerald standing next to her. “Is everybody mad at me?” Janna asked him. Emerald looked at the people, who were just getting back. The expressions on their faces was not easy to read, but it was clear they were not looking at Janna’s doings. They were looking at the ground. “What are they looking at?” Emerald wondered. Janna laughed and pointed. “You don’t think I would have put people out of their homes for nothing?” she asked Emerald. Emerald blinked his eyes several times. “What-” he said, then he saw it. The snow was slushy, and there was a big spot of live, green grass right in front of him. It had been a very long time since Emerald had seen grass. “Ha ha!” Emerald crowed. “Looks like Semmerspar is losing his grip, eh?”

* * *

Trexxon had managed to dislodge his overlarge foot from the small boot, and was thinking of what to do. Carkos had evaded him again, not to mention the things that Janna had done. Plus the sudden shortage of snow put him in a bad mood. Semmerspar was indeed, as Emerald put it, “losing his grip.” No more army, no more fun. Trexxon sighed, rose to his feet and proceeded to fall down the stairs. When he reached the bottom, Trexxon slipped over to Devil, who was waiting patiently with the other riderless horses, and climbed into the saddle. His progress was slow, since horse hooves are not made to walk in slush, but Trexxon wanted to put off the moment of telling Semmerspar as long as possible. No one noticed his retreat since they were too busy noticing the grass, so instead of kicking Devil and drawing attention, Trexxon continued at the same slow, leisurely pace.


3 thoughts on “chapter 16

  1. k i just got ur comment, thx! how did you make not clay dragons? legos? lol I see you are done with your break…

  2. part of it? oh nevermind you wont tell me anyway. and i wont ask what p****** is either because you will just say an unfamiliar substance of sorts or something. so. yep A is up there, at gmas house, so go visit him! take your DS and have tood bring his too. i think A took the case with all the games. he is up there untill thursday night or friday morning. P.S. ARE you done with your break?

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