chapter 15

“Oh, no,” Pire moaned. “Oh, no, oh, no.” All the dragons turned and looked at the departing rider. Then Gelden roared,”We have half an hour! Six of you warn the city, the rest of you go into the underground cave! Now GO!” Emerald came to Janna and said, “Take Carkos back to the city. Tell as many people as you can that the Golden Knights are coming, then hide yourselves. Hurry!” Janna took off running with Carkos at her side. On her way, she noticed something that gave her an idea. Janna ran into the city and pounded up a spiral staircase. “Excuse me,” she said to one man. “The Golden Knights are coming and you only have half an hour to get out of here.” The man looked startled, but hurried to repeat the message to others. Janna told a few more people, but there weren’t very many to tell. The people had thinned out, disappearing without Janna noticing. One moment, she was surrounded by people, the next, she was alone with Cakos and the Golden Knights just coming over the rise. There were a lot of Golden Knights, more than Janna had ever seen. It looked like the entire army had come after Carkos. The horses were galloping really fast, but when they reached the city, the Knights brought them to a screeching halt. (Or whatever sound horse hooves make in snow, but “the knights brought them to a slushing halt” doesn’t sound cool.) Janna slunk down the stairs and hid in one of the small houses. Carkos slipped a little on the glass, but they made it without being seen. “Don’t go in yet!” Trexxon roared. Janna peered out the window and was glad she did. What followed was very amusing. Trexxon dismounted and marched onto the glass floor. Unfortunately, Trexxon still had his sabatons on, so with a crash and a clatter, he fell to the ground. Janna stifled her laughter, but the other Knights did nothing whatsoever. Janna heard them jeering and poking fun at him. Trexxon tried to get up, retrieve his helmet, and teach the other Knights a lesson, but he did not have much success, for the glass was much too slick. He never made it to his feet. In fact, he never made it anywhere. He couldn’t crawl, there was nothing to grab. Trexxon looked so defenseless that Janna wanted to throw something at him. She spotted a spare pair of boots by the door, and she was just about to chuck one at him, when a younger Knight spotted them too. He took a running jump and sailed through the air… then with a loud smack, the young Golden Knight hit the side of Janna’s hiding place. Janna ducked down and watched a gold gauntlet snatch one boot from beside the doorway. The Knight used the excellent traction on the boot to pull himself past Trexxon and up two stairs. The Knight wasn’t used to climbing stairs using a boot, though, so he fell. When he landed, Trexxon snatched the boot, wedged his toe in it, and bunny-hopped up the stairs. When he reached the top, he shouted,”No one in sight! We’re too late!” Trexxon changed his mind about that real quick, because Carkos gave a mighty sneeze and all Golden Knights turned to look at the hut. Trexxon examined the boot closely and yelled,”TAKE OFF YOUR SABATONS, CARKOS IS STILL HERE!!!” Janna didn’t stop to think how Trexxon knew it was Carkos, she just ran. Carkos ran with her. The Golden Knights were struggling to remove their sabatons, but a few had succeeded and were dashing after them. Janna waited until every Golden Knight was following them, then she skidded to a stop and grabbed onto a glass beam. She looked over at the platform that all the Golden Knights were standing under. It looked big enough. Then, Janna removed the spell on the beam. As you can guess, the beam became breakable again, and the platform it was holding up fell smack on top of the Golden Knight army. The platform was not breakable, so it stayed a sheet of glass on top of little, golden people. And how Janna savored the look of stunned horror on Trexxon’s face as he watched from his perch.


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  2. I dont remember exactly why i wrote it, but i think it has something to do with the fact that Englishmuffin’s story is neck & neck with yours for fascination or something so janna has her stage back, you know. Yes, HAPPY B-DAY im sorry i didn’t call but i didn’t know when you’d be at the fun park. can i still call you now? are you suffering from chronic procrastinitis or something cause you need to kick that butt into gear and get typing! I’ve been waiting formore than a week!!! Are you having fun at girls camp? when i come up the week after next or something i can maybe come to young women’s with you. DON’T WORRY!!! young womens is the funnest part!!! except for the fact that you don’t get to go to primary activities anymore, but that is to be expected. I made you a birthday dragon! it is quite pretty, if i do say so myself. it has like a forest green sideways crescent on like the bridge of its nose like a u sort of and right in front of that is a little white M. and gues what? surprise surprise, it’s blue! kind of. it’s lightish blue mixed with silver with green spikes and golden wings and it’s sitting and i gave it scales so it’s cool like that. this is quite a long comment, don’t you think?

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