chapter 13

Trexxon rode a tiring Devil at a gallop across the snowy plain. He, too, was tired, but that did not make him slow down. The Glass River had attempted to to pull Trexxon in, but only succeeded in splashing his armor. The water had now frozen into ice, making Trexxon’s chain mail stiff. He had lost his helmet when Devil reared, so the river thought it fun to make his hair wet, too. Now his wet hair was frozen solid and very uncomfortable. When he reached the Castle, Kragnar was waiting at the gate. Kragnar took one look at the lone man and asked sharply,”What happened?” Trexxon dismounted and said,”Somewhere else.” Kragnar nodded and led him into his private chambers. “Tell me,” he then said. So Trexxon related the story of the chase, the Frost Dragons, Janna’s fall, Carkos’ quick thinking, the arrows, Emerald’s fire, and finally, the Glass River changing its course and sweeping the Golden Knights away. “Stupid river,” Kragnar grumbled. “They killed seven, why not more? Next time, it will be more, and that will be the end of us! Dragons cannot be allowed to live, but who will stop them? Not us! We’ll all be dead!” A long silence followed. Then Trexxon said slowly,”There won’t be a next time. I have a plan that will get us Carkos, and I’ve worked all the kinks out.” He told his plan to Kragnar. “There is still a problem,” Kragnar said. “The dragons could rally together and attack us.” Trexxon grinned. “They wouldn’t dare,” he said. “Why haven’t they done that before?” Kragnar could think of nothing to say to this, so he pulled Trexxon to his feet and said,”Come on, then,” he said. “Semmerspar will want to hear this.” At least, Kragnar thought grimly, we’ll have something interesting to do for once…


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