chapter 12

“Now I will tell you about the cities,” Emerald was saying. “Huh?” Janna interrupted. “Those three mountains, the tallest ones,” Jalure explained. “Those mountains are 200 feet tall. The cool thing about them is that those three mountains have a couple of cities built into them,” Emerald continued. “And the cool thing about the cities themselves is that they are made completely of glass.” Janna was awed. “How come they don’t break?” she asked. “Magic,” Emerald replied, his eyes sparkling. “The people there might be afraid of you, though, so don’t tell anyone that you can use magic. The men who first created the cities-” Emerald paused to think, “-uh, fifty years ago, once said this ‘As the cities were created by magic, so will it be the ruin of them.’ In other words, magic will destroy the cities, or so everyone believes.” Janna thought for a moment. “Maybe we shouldn’t go after all,” she said. “Don’t be ridiculous, all you have to do is keep your mouth shut,” Jalure told her. “Besides, its not like we have a choice, Carkos needs time and safety to grow in,” He continued. Carkos looked up at the sound of his name. “I don’t get it, how can we be safe from the Golden Knights?” Janna asked. “That’s the other cool thing,” Emerald said. “The glass is polished to its smoothest, so everybody wears boots like yours. Those boots give you traction like nothing else does. The Golden Knights have that same material sown into boot things, to wear under their sabatons. They could get in the city if they would take their sabatons off, but they are too stupid to figure that out.” They chatted in this manner until they reached the mountains. They had just climbed over a small rise and… “Wow,” Janna breathed. They cities were full of activity. If one watches thousands of people all moving at once, he could get dizzy, which is exactly how Janna felt. The glass floor was scattered with small houses and buildings. There were enormous staircases leading up from the floor to huge levels with balconies. From those levels, more staircases lead up to other platforms all at different heights. Despite the great numbers of people, nobody so much as glanced at them. Just then, a familiar red and gold dragon landed in front of them. “Good, your back,” Gelden said. “I see you have Carkos and Janna, that is good. You guys better come up to my cave. Sparicus got a musk ox this morning. There is not much left of it, but if you want-” That was all it took, and Jalure was gone, up to some caves on the side of the mountain where there was no glass. Janna could see that Emerald wanted to eat the musk ox too, but he waited for Janna and Carkos. When Janna slid onto his back, Emerald followed Jalure to the cave with Carkos flying near his side.


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