chapter 11

Janna looked off towards the mountains. They were only a mile away. But with the Golden Knights even closer, Janna wondered if they would ever reach them. “Come on guys, we’ve gotta go!” Jalure shouted. “It’s just a little further.” Janna leaped onto Jalure’s back. The Golden Knights came closer and and Emerald and Jalure took off. Trexxon shouted,”Archers!” Uh-oh, Janna thought. She looked back and saw a volley of arrows flying towards them. Svit! Svit! Svit! Svi-thp! One of the arrows found its target, clipping Emerald’s wing. Emerald roared and twisted to show his teeth at the Golden Knights. They laughed at him. They were so close that Janna could hear them. “Come on, not much further,” Janna muttered. Just then, Emerald decided to help out greatly: he flipped around in midair and unleashed a torrent of fire. Seven of the Golden Knights couldn’t stop in time and were swallowed up by the flames. The remaining thirteen pulled hard on the reins and stopped oh so close to Emerald’s flame. Emerald soon gave out, and the Knights were coming faster than ever. Janna was on the verge of blowing them up with magic when she heard a rumbling in the distance. Janna turned her head and looked. There was the Glass River, tearing its way through the snow. The Golden Knights turned to see, and didn’t have time to think. The river swept away the galloping horses along with their riders. Only Trexxon managed to yank on the reins in time. Devil skidded to a halt a mere foot away from the rushing waters. Emerald and Jalure made a lot of noise watching the Golden Knights being swept away. No dragon had ever seen a Knight die before. Janna began to think that maybe they would make it to the mountains after all. They did not notice the big, black horse cantering off, back to the Castle. There still was time.


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