chapter 9

Janna sat in the ice cave with Carkos beside her. Emerald and Jalure had tired after a while, so they stopped in this cave to rest. They had been there almost an hour and Janna was restless. She looked out of the cave mouth and saw sparkles approaching fast. Alarmed, Janna scrambled back and poked Jalure in the side. Then she remembered that he was a dragon and dragons have hard scales, so she gave him a sharp kick in the side. “Whaa?” Jalure mumbled. “Look,” Janna hissed. Jalure poked his head out of the cave and said,”Emerald, there are specks.” Emerald sat up. “Specks?” Jalure nodded. “Riding this way,”Jalure added. “Wait, when you say riding, do you mean-” Jalure nodded again. “Uh-oh, we’re dead.” Jalure was frantic. “Emerald!” he shouted. You’re in charge, what do we do?

“We’re dead.”

“Fine!” Jalure snapped. “I’ll be in charge! Janna, get on my back, can you fly fast, Carkos?”

“Uh-huh.” He was three feet long with a wing span of twice that. Jalure continued,”Emerald, fly close beside me, not behind. Got it?” Emerald nodded. “Good. Janna? Lay as flat as you can. Now GO!” Janna had never imagined that dragons could fly as fast as they were going now. Janna pressed herself flat on Jalure’s spikes, hanging on for dear life. On her left was Carkos, pumping his wings madly, and on the right was Emerald, looking dazedly ahead. Janna turned her head to see their pursuers. The Golden Knights’ horses were fast, but they were slowly falling behind. Then Janna heard a faint voice scream,”Now!” She looked back and saw that the Golden Knights were accompanied by a lot of Frost Dragons, who had risen into the air when Trexxon shouted. “Jalure!” Janna yelled over the whistling wind. “Frost Dragons are coming!” Jalure dived towards the ground, trying to land where he could fight them better, just as the first Frost Dragon struck.


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