chapter 8

Kragnar punched the wall, and the Frost Dragon in front of him was glad he was only bringing the message. “Silverwing, are you absolutely sure?” Kragnar asked roughly. Silverwing looked around, memorizing where every exit was. Then he slowly nodded. “What a coward,” Kragnar muttered under his breath. To Silverwing, he commanded,”Go, then,” and stormed down the dimly lit Castle hallway. Only a few flickering torches were left to smolder in their brackets, and Kragnar made a mental note to give someone the job of lighting the torches every day. At the end of the hallway was a pair of exquisitely carved wooden doors, reinforced with steel bands and brass studs. Kragnar threw open the doors and strode into the Throne Room. The Throne Room was made of white marble carved here and there in the likeness of snowflakes. The room wasn’t very large, quite small actually. But on the far side of the room was a throne made of black stone. An imposing figure was seated on the throne. He was wearing golden chain mail like all the other Golden Knights, but no other Golden Knight sat in a throne. “Semmerspar,” Kragnar burst out, “I know where Carkos is.” Semmerspar leaned forward in his seat. “This should be interesting,” he said. “Silverwing came,” Kragnar explained. “He saw Frostscale flee from a fight with two dragons. Carkos was with them, and a dark-haired girl.” Semmerspar leaned back. “The prophecy didn’t mention a girl. She probably isn’t important. Now, where exactly are they?” Kragnar shifted his feet. “From what Silverwing said, they’re headed towards the cities.” Kragnar braced himself. “The cities!” Semmerspar thundered. “Hurry and send twenty men with the fastest horses after them! Make sure Trexxon Fowell is with them, he’s got that big, strong horse, Devil. You know that once they reach the cities, we have no hope of catching Carkos. Ever. If they reach the cities, I will have to cut off my hand in desperation.” Semmerspar held up his hand that wore no gauntlet. It was silvery-white and frozen in a clenched fist. That fist held a stone, the only thing that was keeping the snow and, through the snow, the Frost Dragons there. Kragnar hastened to send the Knights out, making sure they had fast horses. Still, he thought about how close Carkos and his companions had been to the cities, and he knew the situation was hopeless.


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