chapter 7

Janna was afraid of the Frost Dragons, but she didn’t say so. In the distance, there were strange mountains. They were strange because there were no other mountains around, except for a craggy bit a few miles to the right and a small rise just in front of the mountains. Janna asked Emerald what they were, but all he said was,” That’s where we’re going.” Carkos was slightly bigger than he had been a few hours ago. Dragons grow fast even though they live for about 200 years. Suddenly, Carkos jumped around and backed up hissing. Janna turned and saw something that made her stumble back, too. A forty-foot long Frost Dragon was standing right where Janna had been. It was about five feet shorter than Emerald or Jalure, but it was almost twice as fierce. “I don’t think we can avoid a fight,” Jalure muttered. He was absolutely right, for right at that moment, the Frost Dragon growled,”Give me the hatchling and no one gets hurt.” Janna knew at once that this was a bad Frost Dragon. “I don’t think so,” Emerald said, and right then the Frost Dragon jumped on him. Still, he was not alone, because Jalure jumped too and smashed into the Frost Dragon. Emerald jumped aside and slashed his claws at the silvery, half spread wing in front of his nose. Rule number one: if you ever meet a dragon, the worst thing you could do is tear its wing. Dragons find it extremely hard to fly if their wings are ripped. So, the Frost Dragon spun around and was about to bite Emerald’s head off when Carkos flew to the rescue. Gliding around the Frost Dragon, he did a very risky thing: bite down hard on the other wing, then bound away again. The Frost Dragon stepped back in a hurry to consider the odds. None of them were hurt except Emerald, who had blood running down the side of his face. There were only two choices: fight to the death or turn and run. (With two savaged wings, flying away was out of the question.) Choosing the latter, the Frost Dragon turned and streaked away. It could never live through Kragnar’s wrath if it returned to the Castle. The four of them watched the place where it had been, then turned and went on their way. Emerald paused every few minutes to rub his head in the snow. “Would you cut it out!” Jalure shouted. “What?” Emerald stated innocently. “You’re giving them an easy trail to follow,” Jalure seethed. They looked back at the trail of blood spots. “Oops.” Whatever else he was going to say was lost because at that moment, there was a loud CRACK! “Uh-oh,” Emerald groaned. “We better move. We are right over the Glass River!” Janna jumped up onto Jalure’s back along with Carkos and was glad she did. As they flew up over the mysterious Glass River, the snow on which they had been standing on turned out to be ice. the ice cracked and a river reared out of the hole. The river was twenty-five feet across and clear as glass, which was how it got its name. Jalure and Emerald landed on the opposite bank and watched the river carve its own path through the snow. When Janna looked at Emerald, she was surprised to see that he was smiling. “I think,” he said, “that the Glass River finally breaking through is a good sign.”


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