chapter 10

WHAM! The impact of the Frost Dragon hitting Jalure nearly threw Janna off. Jalure lost altitude, but not much. Another Frost Dragon slammed into Jalure’s other side even harder. This time, Janna was thrown off, but she managed to hang on to Jalure’s spikes and haul herself back on. Carkos swerved a little and the Frost Dragons altered their course to get him. Janna threw caution to the wind and let go with one hand to bring Carkos closer, while at the same time, Jalure flew after him. Unfortunately, Silverwing saw what Janna was trying to do, so he rammed into Jalure with all his might. Janna found herself sitting on air and not Jalure. Then she began to fall. But before her mind could even grasp the situation, Janna felt something grab her, and she stopped falling. Looking up, Janna was very surprised to see Carkos, his small claw hooked in her shirt and wings outstretched. They were still going down, but at a controlled glide. Just then, the Frost Dragons noticed that their quarry was getting away, so they pelted after the descending duo in a dive. Dives are much faster than glides. Carkos noticed that, so he snapped his wings back, hugging them to his sides. They went into free-fall again, but Carkos did not let go. Since the Frost Dragons’ wings were not completely folded, they did not fall as fast. Just when Janna was sure they were going to splatter all over the ground anyway, Carkos unfurled his wings and the two of them crash-landed softer than they would have. The Frost Dragons were not so lucky. Most of them died on impact, and the ones who didn’t (only three of twenty-five) were rendered unconscious for a few hours. Emerald and Jalure landed heavily beside them. They were pretty beat up. The Frost Dragons could have killed them if Janna and Carkos hadn’t bailed out. But their problems weren’t over yet. The Golden Knights were still coming, and even Janna could hear the scraping sound of swords being drawn as they bore down upon their helpless prey.


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