chapter 5

Pulling the mysterious object out of the bag of clothes, Janna saw that it was black with red spots. It was shaped like an ordinary chicken egg, except no chicken egg was black and red and a foot long. It was an egg, but it was a dragon egg. Janna looked quizzically at Emerald. “I won’t tell you a lot,” he said, “but I will say this: It was very hard for me and Jalure to obtain this, so BE CAREFUL WITH HIM. His name is Carkos and is in danger from the Golden Knights.” Janna carefully stowed the egg back in the sack and got on Jalure’s back. Emerald jumped up into the air and Jalure followed. They flew for a few hours until it got too dark to continue. They landed at the edge of a forest, but in order to remain unseen, they walked for some time into the thicket. After another half hour of walking, the three of them came to a small clearing in which Jalure laid down and began to sleep. Emerald cleared a small space and started a fire before bedding down. Janna sat near the flames and pulled the rough brown clothing from the sack on over her shorts and T-shirt. Then she pulled the dragon egg out of the sack and examined it in the firelight. How strange. The colors of the egg were the exact colors of the yellow-eyed dragon in her vision. Maybe, just maybe, Carkos was that dragon. Janna put the egg back in the sack and rolled over to sleep. just as her eyes were closing, Janna thought she heard a faint scratching coming from the bag.


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