chapter 4

Janna waited in a small clump of trees and watched the riders out their horses in the unsuspicious stable. Janna waited until the people had gone inside before dashing back to the house and repeating the steps for entering. She sneaked down the stairs again and slipped into the kitchen. On the table were the remains of the Fowell’s breakfast. They appeared to have been in a hurry because the bacon had not been touched. Janna slipped some of the old, cold bacon into her pocket and listened to the conversation that was going on. “Should we leave for the castle tomorrow?” a woman’s voice asked. The Golden Knight replied,”We must. We were due to arrive back almost a week ago.” To this Miss Fowell said,”But what about Gelden?” The Knight paused. “Kill him. The sooner he is dead, the sooner Celeskor can take his place and carry out our plans.” Miss Fowell rose. “In that case,” she said, “let’s go up.” Janna’s hand’s were sweating. They could only be talking about the red and gold dragon. There was the sound of feet stomping up stairs. Then,”What the h***!” Miss Fowell screamed,”Where is he? I swear he was here!” The Golden Knight spoke again,”By the look of it, he broke the chain and escaped himself. But look! Here are more tracks in the dust. Human tracks.” He paused. “Someone was here.” Time to go, Janna thought. Soundlessly, she slipped out the widow and waited for Emerald and Jalure in her clump of trees. A few second later, the two green dragons landed near her. Jalure had a burlap sack clenched in his teeth. “Mmmph hmm fhh fuf?” he asked. “Excuse me?” Janna laughed. Jalure put the sack down and tried again. “What did you find out?” he asked. “There was a red and gold dragon being held captive in a room. I sort of let him out and I think his name is Gelden.” Both dragons had a look of great surprise on their faces. Then Emerald burst out,”So that’s where he’s been! He’s been missing for a few weeks.” Jalure handed Janna the sack and said,”There’s some clothes for you in there. It is very cold where we are going, and nobody there wears bright red.” Janna reached in the sack and felt something hard and oval. It was very smooth, and Janna knew what it was.


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