Chapter 3

“Are you sneaky?” Emerald asked. The dragons had landed near the biggest house Janna had ever seen, which, according to Emerald, was the temporary living place of Trexxon and his other wife, the one that didn’t die. Even though it was a huge mansion, the Fowells had chosen an unusual site to live on temporarily. First of all, there was no road at all, no driveway, no garage. Second of all, they were out in the middle of nowhere, or, in other words, there were only trees and bushes grass for miles around. And finally, the house was huge, so huge that it seemed odd that it would be a “temporary living place.” Janna answered Emerald’s question,”Sort of.” “Good enough,” said Emerald. “We need you to spy on Miss Fowell. There is some thing we can do, some thing important, while you spy,” Jalure explained. “Remember, DO NOT LET MISS FOWELL SEE YOU. If she does, that will be bad.” Janna was uncertain. “How do I do this?” she asked. “Simple. Climb up the ivy on the side of the house, crawl through the window, and look for suspicious things. The stable is not suspicious, do not count that. We will be back in one hour, but Miss Fowell will return in 59 minutes. Please try to hurry,” Emerald recited. “Okay, then, goodbye,” Janna said and sprinted off to the mansion. When she reached the huge, very plain-looking wall, she stopped to look back. The dragons were gone. Following Emerald’s instructions, Janna climbed up the ivy, crawled through the window, and started looking for suspicious things. Everything looked suspicious to Janna: the whole house had a medieval design, looking like a strange combination of a castle and a fortress. There wasn’t any carpet, just really big, expensive-looking rugs. Walking downstairs, Janna found herself in a large room, from which several staircases were leading. Most of them had long, red rugs thrown over them, but one of them was exceedingly suspicious. It was bare and made of wood, unlike its wooden neighbors. Thinking that these stairs were very suspicious, Janna started up. At the top of the stairs was a hallway. At the end of the hallway was a door. A thick, steel door, held shut with a thin, cheap chain. A loud noise was issuing from behind the door, like something banging on a wall. Very suspicious. “Hello?” Janna called through the door. The banging stopped. “If you want to get out,” Janna said, “you need to hit the door, not the wall.” Suddenly realizing that the door probably opened outward, Janna jumped back as an earth-shaking BOOM blew the door open. To Janna’s great surprise, a red and gold dragon stood in the doorway. He looked at her quizzically, then dashed past her and glided down the stairs. “Gooooooooodbye!” he shouted. “And thank you!” On reaching the bottom of the stairs, the dragon smashed down another door and took off. Unfortunately, it was not the door to outside, resulting in a very large dent in the ceiling where the dragon hit his head. Janna ran downstairs two watch the dragon destroy a few more things before finding the right door and flying away. Janna happened to look out the door after the dragon and saw to horses with riders coming to the house. Janna guessed that they could only be Miss Fowell and and the bad Knight. Not until she was far away from the mansion did something strike Janna as odd. If Trexxon Fowell was married to this Miss Fowell, why was she a “Miss”? How very, very suspicious.


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