The Rest of Chapter 2

My English teacher had my notebook, but now I’ve got it back. Here ya go:

After dinner that consisted of overcooked asparagus, Janna’s mother went out for more asparagus for the next day’s dinner. Janna’s mother called to say that she would be out longer than she expected because there were some really great sales. So Janna left the house at 8:00 p.m. and started across the field just behind her backyard. She wondered greatly who these people might be, and why they needed her. Janna soon reached the far side of the field and found herself at the edge of a small grove of trees. In the moonlight, Janna thought she saw shadows stirring in the trees. Suddenly, she heard whispers drifting through the branches and the shadows started shifting again. “Are you Janna?” a voice said quietly, too close for her liking. “Yes,” Janna replied uncertainly, hardly daring to move. “Good,” said the voice. “Now come here.” Janna turned and saw two shadows hunkered over the ground. They were very big, bigger than horses, and when they looked at her, Janna saw bright green eyes gazing out of the gloom. Dragons. And Janna was not surprised, she felt as if she had been expecting them. “I am Emerald,” said the larger of the dragons, “and this is Jalure.” Emerald was dark green, and he sparkled just a little. He looked like his name. Jalure was lighter and just a little smaller. His color was more of a shade of green that would remind one of the jungle rather than a gem. “I said I would explain,” Emerald said, “so here you go. We, the dragons, need your help. When Jalure saw you curse your gym teacher, I knew you were one of them. A magic-user. The Golden Knights want to rid the earth of dragons, and so far, they have been doing a pretty good job of it. But they don’t have any magic-users, even old Semmerspar can’t do it, and he’s got that icy hand. You can save us, Janna. I know you can.” A twig snapped, and Emerald swung around. Jalure was staring at the place the sound had come from. Then he darted forward and dragged forward… Janna’s gym teacher. And he was barfing. So thought Janna, the curse really worked. “You think you can get me this easily?” the gym teacher snarled as soon as he was finished. “Ah, Trexxon Fowell,” growled Jalure. “Of course it wasn’t easy. We had to find you first.” Janna hardly recognized him. He was dressed in golden chain mail. “I suppose you did away with your wife, the one in town, now that Janna is leaving?” Emerald asked. Trexxon grinned. “Oh, yes,” he said. “I drowned her. That’s my favorite way. I wish dragons were as easy as her.” He turned to Janna. “Remove this curse, or I’ll have Sparter kill your dragon friends here,” Trexxon spat. As if on cue, another man stepped out from behind the tree, holding a sword and smirking. “Go ahead,” Jalure hissed in her ear. “He means it. We’ll be going away quick anyway.” Trexxon sneezed. “Bless you,” Janna said automatically. And then, she just didn’t know why, but she had a feeling that the curse was lifted. “Now,” said Jalure in a low voice, “get on my back. Fast.” So Janna suddenly launched herself onto Jalure and found her self seated between his spines a long way above the ground. Then they were wheeling away, far away, from Janna’s regular life and into a much more dangerous one.


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