Please Read My Blog!

I am growing desperate! I need people to read my blog! Mom said that if I post this story that I have been writing, people will keep coming back to read more. Today is chapter one. Next, there will be half of chapter two. (Only half because it is so long.) This version is edited from the original notebook to make it more interesting. Here it is:


Janna sat alone in the car. Her mother had run into the grocery store for some asparagus for dinner. Janna hated asparagus, so she was not happy. It was about 9:00 at night and very windy. A lamppost across the street shone orange on the trees of the now-deserted park, making the swaying branches look like odd animals. There was a dog, oh, there’s a dinosaur, what’s that, it looks like a monkey, and so on. Janna, all sulkiness forgotten, stared with great interest as a dragon suddenly soared down from the night sky and perched itself on a rock. It looked so real, Janna couldn’t believe that it was branches. Something was telling her that it wasn’t. The dragon turned its black and red head and gazed at her with shocking yellow eyes. And then, a knight in golden armor leaped out of somewhere and tackled the dragon with a sword. In those few seconds Janna had looked into its eyes, she had become attached to the dragon. It was all she could do to keep from leaping out of the car to help the dragon. Dragon and knight tumbled off the rock and were lost from sight, but Janna had the feeling that she had not seen the last of the dragon.


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