I Died, But Not Really

Here is a wonderful idea for bloggers who want to blog, but they don’t know what blog about: If you had an interesting or strange dream that you can remember having, that is the best post in existence. I am a blogger who wants to blog, but I don’t know what to blog about. So I will write about a very strange dream that I had Saturday night. I can’t remember it very well, but a boy who is one year older than me whom I shall call Someone was involved, I just don’t remember what role he played. Life was like a video game; people could die and come back to life. There was just one catch: You had to kill yourself or have another person kill you in order for you to come back to life. That is probably why there was a game where death came fast. You had to rescue something from a maze while two other people threw bombs and grenades and all sorts of sharp objects at you. I had to do the rescuing, and a friend of mine whom I shall call This Guy threw bombs and grenades at me with a girl that I didn’t even recognize, while completely ignoring the sharp objects. The largest of the bombs were only the size of beach balls, but the explosions were massive. After This Guy lobbed one at me and I caught it, he taunted me,”Don’t you know how big those explode?” I knew it, so I threw it as far as I could. It soon blew up, and it blew all three of us over. Then This Guy and the unknown girl continued to throw things at me. I told them,”I would rather be stabbed to death than blown to bits,” but they did not listen. Eventually, I rescued whatever needed to be rescued, then I was suddenly outside my house and Someone was talking to me. If Someone suddenly started talking to me for real, I would probably faint, which I almost did when he said,”Hi.”( Actually, I’m exaggerating.) Then my stupid alarm decided that I’d had enough dream-time, so it started crowing like a rooster (like I’d set it to do) and shouting that it was,”7:00, am.” I went to sleep for about another hour, but I didn’t dream. I died, but not really.


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