Interview Devil Bug

Even though my blog is called Dragon Cave, not every post has to be about dragons! Okay, Pi here at PK News: Sparticus has a blog and her name is Ki (as in kiwi), and she is the other reporter for PK News, and her blog (in case you want to read it) is NightStars at Today, we have a special guest here whose name is Devil Bug. I do not know whether Devil Bug is a he, a she, or an it, so Devil Bug will always be referred to as Devil Bug. Before we interview Devil Bug, I personally will tell you that Devil Bug’s actual words have been replaced with symbols as not to horrify you (%@#*!, etc). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Devil Bug!

pi's devil bug

Say hi, Devil Bug, it’s polite. “#*.” See, I told you. Now Devil Bug , please tell us how you came to live with Pi. “! #@$ #% ^%$7@*$’# &$!@$%, @#%$ ! #@% @#$ @! %$#&@ @$.” Lovely. Translation: “I was in someone’s locker when I fell out and Pi found me.” That concludes our interview, adios folks! “@#!%*.”


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