Pi’s Cousin’s Dragons

Ha! I finally got around to blogging again! Long time no see! Oh, well.Down to business.Behold! Pi’s cousin’s dragons. First of all, we shall call Pi’s cousin, “Sparticus” (even though she’s a girl).

cuz 1

All right, this one here is Sparct. Very interesting.

cuz 2

Here is Snowpile. I quote my aunt, “Snowflake is a poetic name, but Snowpile…?”

cuz 3

This is Finus, unpainted. It was made at Grandma’s house.

cuz 4

This smaller one is Berner. Notice the ultra-thin tail. The little prince, he is.

cuz 5

Here is Sparticus (hence the maker). He is a little fat.

cuz 6

Also made at Grandma’s house, I can’t remember his name! Darn.

cuz 7

Ah, one of my favorites! Cyrus is his name.

cuz 8

Oooo, it’s Queen Tura! How lovely.

cuz 9

Sparticus’ first dragon, Spearite. Blue seems to be a color for firsts.

cuz 10

Another Grandma-house dragon. She is Gardenia, with perfume scented flowers.

cuz 11

This one is what I call a “stretch.” That means they were made differently from the tutorial. Owlmin, standing up.

cuz 12

This is Perfa. She got baked a little long in Grandma’s oven. The wings are proof.

cuz 13 king

Galacticy, the king. He is standing, also, only not on two legs.

cuz 14

The last dragon, Yve. She is my favorite. Well, bedtime! G’night everyone!


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