A Dragon’s Thanksgiving

Happy Late Thanksgiving to you all! My cousin actually looked at my blog and she also went to the tutorial and made some dragons! They are a lot bigger than mine, but they rock. So, this post is about my dragons’ Thanksgiving. The sat around in their cave decorated with cheap jewelery and plastic gems. They looked at the clay feast arranged in front of them, staring at it blankly with, literally, beady eyes.


This is their feast. After along time, they were picked up and put in a shoe box by Pi. They drove out to Pi’s grandma’s house. Pi ate a feast and the king (Firestorm) got to stare blankly at it. After the feast, Pi’s dragons got to meet Pi’s cousin’s dragons. Pi’s dragons were shocked at the size of Pi’s cousin’s dragons. They were HUGE. Well, maybe not that big, but still, they were of considerable size. Their tails were super thin, and constantly had to be repaired with super glue. Well, that is the end of my post, but the next one will be about Pi’s cousin’s dragons.


3 thoughts on “A Dragon’s Thanksgiving

  1. ahem. today is December the second and i am writing to congratulate Pi’s cousin on having a future feature article on her dragons:)

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