Little Dragons

If it has been a long time since my last post, I’m sorry. But I promised that this post would be good. If any of you read reason enough, you probably read the post on Pi’s dragons. I am Pi, and reason enough is my mom’s blog. If I am Pi, then Pi’s dragons must be my dragons. Since then, I have made more dragons. Unfortunately, my last one had modeling clay in it, causing part of it to melt in the oven.

dragons 3

The green one is named Flower, the purple one is Flaer (FLAY-uhr), and the gold one in the middle is just that,Gold, the baby. He is also the prince,’cause he’s the king and queen’s son.


Here is the king. His name is Firestorm. When I made him, I didn’t mean to make him a king. I just thought that red with big horns looked nice.


Here is the queen, also my first dragon. Her head shape looks like a sea horse. I like that because she is a water dragon. Her name is Lake.




Here is a list of the names of the dragons above, starting with the green one: Gypsy, Sunshine, and Star. I got the instructions from some lady’s blog. If you go there, click on the tutorial. ‘Bye.


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